What I can do for you!

From marketing campaigns to innovative solutions for your business, I’ve began diving into public relations jobs and media since 2011. Creation came naturally to me - I've always liked to experiment with unusual and artistic, and attractive ideas. Most of my work involves various communication strategies to help optimize positive press, build lasting relationships and gain fulfilling business results for clients. If you’re interested in booking services or want more information about ways I can help, please get in touch with me today.



P.R. Implementation

  • Hire me for a session to earn you media coverage, brand progression, or event planning, (minimum time frame for this service is 3 months).


  • This is perfect for brands who already have the manpower and just need the plan. This service provides scripting and/or written plans to provide you with the points to hit to be newsworthy, increase sales, views, or partnerships. (Do not choose this if you have little to no connections experience with progressive self management).

Ideas & Advice

  • Just need a little push? Book a call for a little guidance.

Individual Services (I have in-house fashion stylists, photographers, and hair stylists to assist):

  • Pitch collaborations or features to the media/potential partners

  • Create a media kit

  • Assure brand and marketing is cohesive

  • Write press releases or media alerts

  • Plan and populate events

  • Provide blog coverage (ads)

  • Plan and orchestrate press or influencer events

  • Audit client's appearance and online representation 

  • Administering social media

  • Set up digital creative-footage library

  • Script content, blogs etc.,

  • Organize brands to overcome a crisis

  • Schedule and prepare for features/interviews

  • Measure the media or audience for awareness and attitudes

  • Construct email campaigns


Overall Benefits of P.R.:

  • Increased Credibility

  • Less waisted efforts or resources

  • Build a positive/attractive Image

  • Increased revenue

Important notes:

  • All PR services are processes. To get the intended outcome that you desire, both your brand and the targeted party have to be in alignment with each other. If you are unsure what this means we can work on getting you to that point with no problem.

  • All prices vary due to the type of service or involvement needed from the publicist to provide proper and accurate guidance and research findings for the industry at hand.

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